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  • New User, Starting to Learn Some Things

    Good Morning to everyone stateside, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night to everyone else in other time zones!

    Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. I've been using FR24 for quite some time now, but just became a Gold member recently. I'm trying to learn about how to read the radar screen using the ODA High / ODA Low / and RNAV routes. I've read the blog post about the route names and distance between waypoints. I've got a question about what I think are called "NAVAIDS".

    I mostly watch ORD airspace, and have spotted what look like snowflakes with two letter designations. If I zoom in, I see the full name of the map marker. These names are Jocky, INDDY, and Chicago OHA TAFFS. What am I seeing? Where can I read about what their functions are and how / when they're used? Thanks for your patience ahead of time!

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    Invisible known waypoint locations that the NAVAID navigation Aid computers onboard can be programmed to fly to.

    CHSTR is the other

    Some will broadcast ILS line up info, some weather and so on. Or can be used as a marker point

    TAFFS in this case seems to be a non directional.
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      Thank you so much, Oblivian!


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        If you like reading charts check out the Approach Charts on the following page (bottom left, pdf files). You'll find 'TAFFS' on some of those for Rwy27L at KORD, depending on the type of approach- from memory it's on the ILS/LOC (ILS/Localiser) approach chart. It's the 'FAF' or Final Approach Fix for this runway which marks the commencement of the final sector of the approach. You'll likely find those other navaids/waypoints you've asked about which may be associated with the other runways' Approach/Departure procedures.

        Note: These charts cannot be used for actual navigation purposes.

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