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    A photographer Marina takes a ride on a Russian military helicopter Mi-8 from Cubinka, 60 kilometers from Moscow and flying around. What she was able to see? Other military helicopters taking off and landing, rusty abandoned helicopters staying in the field, huts and houses, sawmills and hundred year old wooden structures, also the Victory Day infantry parade preparation and some more. All from above, all shot from the Mi-8 helicopter. Want to see it all? Then donít hesitate and proceed inside.

    Full album is here: Mi-8 Flight Around Villages

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    I think it's ok to put full album here
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      Su-24 Jet flying around the Orenburg city. As Michael, the photographer, states it takes the plane speed of around 400 km/h for a take off – during this the land literary trembles because of the jet’s power, then it goes off to the air.

      Full album is here: Su-24 Taking Off and in the Air


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        So, ok, I know we had it just yesterday, but here is another flight around over the Moscow on the military helicopter. This time of the year, before the parade, it’s an unique chance to get a few peeks on Moscow from the places not normally available for flying. Also some helicopters.

        Full album is here: Another Flight Over Moscow


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          It is the cabin of VM-T “Atlant” (RF-01502), plane was made in 1982. It was intended for 500 landings, but had only 150. The plane was last repaired in 1992 but it has not been used since then. “Atlant” participated in the space-rocket program “Energia-Buran” – it transported fuel tanks of the second stage launcher “Energia” and an airframe of “Buran”.

          Full album is here: The Plane Created For Challenging Tasks - VM-T “Atlant” (RF-01502)


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            The Myasishchev M-55 (NATO reporting name: Mystic-B) is a high altitude geophysical research aircraft developed by OKB Myasishchev in the Soviet Union, similar in purpose to the Lockheed ER-2, but with a twin boom fuselage and tail surface design. It is a twin-engined development of the Myasishchev M-17 Stratosphera with a higher maximum take-off weight.

            The first aircraft of this series took off August 16, 1988. By 1993, there were six examples built.

            Full album is here: The Soviet Stratospheric Planes


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              The flight-testing complex of the Nizhniy Novgorod aviation corporation “Sokol” (“Falcon”) that recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. Today you’re going to see some MiG-21 planes standing there.

              Full album is here: MiG-21 at Nizhniy Novgorod Aviation Corporation


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                Yak-32 (“Mantis” according to the NATO classification) is a Soviet jet-propelled trainer aircraft, one-seat version of Yak-30. Intended for inverted flights Yak-32 can stunt with prolonged negative overload. It is only 300 kg lighter than Yak-30, but its flying abilities are better. Yak-32 became the world first training and sports aircraft equipped with an ejection seat. The aircraft has never been serially produced.

                Full album is here: Soviet Yak 32 Created for Inverted Flights


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                  Some pictures from Pulkovo airport in Saint-Petersburg where a new terminal is being tested.

                  Full album is here: Great Pictures In The Airport PULKOVO In Saint-Petersburg


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                    Mi-4 (“Hound” according to the NATO classification) is a Soviet multi-purpose helicopter designed by the experimental design bureau named after M. L. Mil’ in the early 1950s. Mi-4 was the first combat-transport helicopter of the Soviet armed forces. It has the same components as those of an American Sikorsky S-55, but its carrying capacity is twice heavier.

                    Full album is here: Helicopter Mi-4 - First Combat-Transport Helicopter Of The Soviet Armed Forces


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                      UTA Flight 772 was a scheduled flight operating from Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo to Paris CDG airport in France.

                      Full album is here: A Story About UTA Flight 772


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                        “Night hunters”, “Alligators”, “Crocs”: all those and more are the names of Russian helicopters – Mi-28H, Ka-52, Mi-24/Mi-35 respectively that arrive to Russian shooting range “Pogonovo” to participate in “Avia – darts 2014″ – a contest among the military pilots”.

                        Full album is here: Night Hunters and Alligators Prepare for Aviadarts


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                          A few facts about MI-28 Russian helicopter.

                          After the war of Afghanistan there was clear that Soviet army needs a new helicopter to come replace the MI-24 used at times. In 1982 the Mile bureau introduced the new helicopter – MI-28, which was equal to the newly adopted “Apache” helicopters of USA and superseding the existing Soviet MI-24 copters. This was the most armored helicopter in the world. It couldn’t be shot down from the ground with the help of just handheld fire arms.

                          In 1984 the machine went into series.

                          Full album is here: Russian Helicopter Mi-28


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                            Soviet Union always loved everything big. So the decision to make the biggest helicopter with the largest carrying capacity was quite natural for the country.

                            Development of the V-12 project began in 1963, the serial Mi-6 helicopter became the basis for the new huge vehicle. To simplify the task the engineers just decided to double propelling plants. What they got was a “heaven monster” with four gas-turbine engines, 6497 hp each!

                            Full album is here: Mi 12: Real giant of helicopter engineering


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                              If there is a fire around but no fire trucks, then an MI-26 helicopter can bring you a fire truck on demand. As the author of the photos says, it takes less than two minutes to load the truck into the helicopter. He says those MI-26′s can carry a payload of up to 20 tons and the crew of each is six people. Also, the engines of the beast are rated at 11,400 horse power. The fire truck goes inside fully loaded with water in its tank, so if there is a fire somewhere where no trucks are available, they can be delivered in minutes right to the place.

                              Full album is here: Shipping Loaded Fire Trucks Where Needed