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The new BER airport

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  • The new BER airport

    Hey guise,

    here are some pics of the new BER airport in the south of Berlin. It will use the current southern runway of SXF (Schönefeld) as the new northern runway and received a new southern runway.
    Actually the airport should open on 03rd june this year, but they have a huuge delay. So the next scheduled opening is on March 17th in 2013.

    Pictures were taken 3 weeks before the actuall opening date:

    20120513_125550.jpg Main hall
    20120513_131650.jpg A few gangways
    20120513_131055.jpg Car rental station
    20120513_131043.jpg In front of main hall
    20120513_130501.jpg In front of main hall 2
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    Some more pictures:

    20120513_130154.jpg Inside main hall
    20120513_125337.jpg In front of main hall to the right
    20120513_124858.jpg shopping area
    20120513_124813.jpg shopping area 2 (imagin it should open 3 weeks later )
    20120513_124109.jpg some of the gangways on airfield


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      20120513_125646.jpg Airfield
      20120513_131953.jpg Inside the main hall


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        Berlin airport opening delayed till 2014

        The repeatedly delayed opening of Berlin’s new airport is set to pushed back until 2014, a newspaper reported on Monday.

        Citing internal documents, the daily Bild said the problem-plagued Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport would not be able begin operations as planned on October 27 this year.

        Horst Amann, the technical head of the project’s building authority, reportedly recently told a confidential discussion that the troubled airport would never be able to open before Christmas 2013.

        Bild reported that the main issued continued to be the airport’s fire control system, which was apparently not built to official specifications.

        “It will cost time and energy to be approved,” wrote inspectors in a letter dated December 28 to the firm overhauling the faulty fire control system. “There will be no contortions to approve what’s been botched.”

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          Wowi survives vote despite BER debacle

          Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit was triumphant on Saturday after he won a vote of confidence in the city senate, allowing him to remain in his position despite his disastrous handling of the capital's delayed airport project.
          “I had no doubt that the governing coalition would stand,” said Wowereit following the vote on Saturday morning. “Anything else would have been fatal.”

          The motion by members of the opposition Green party and Pirate party, which had it passed would have forced Social Democrat (SPD) Wowereit and his ruling coalition from office, was defeated in the city Senate by 85 votes for to 62 against.

          The vote came less than a week after Wowereit resigned from the Berlin airport consortium supervisory board following the news last Monday that the repeatedly delayed airport will not open until 2014.

          Wowereit has blamed the problems of the capital's blighted airport project on construction and technology failures. He assured the Senate that members of the airport consortium supervisory board would be made to feel personal consequences in the next weeks.

          He declined to name a revised date for the opening, saying it would be “negligent” given the current situation. However, he said he was confident the airport would be in operation by the end of his term as mayor in 2016.

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