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Is this C-5 Galaxy?

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  • Is this C-5 Galaxy?

    Sooo, I was just casualy taking pics of airplanes descending to Prague (PRG) in czech republic, when I saw a quadjet flying above me (around 30,000 feet) that was not show on Flightradar. Well I took couple of pictures of it and did not care about it anymore thinking that it is "just" a 747 (I did not look at picture preview because the sun was shining directly at my camera's display). Then I got bored, returned home, and looked at those photos at my computer. And this happened:
    At first I thought that it's Il-76, but then I compared it to actual Il-76 in Blender and I noticed that it has a different shape and enignes... long story short, I found out that it propably is C-5 Galaxy.
    But when you look at the picture I made, you can clearly see some kind of "stripe" between it's wings and tail. It is propably not a shadow, because you can clearly see shaddows of wings being projected somewhere else. Also, the stripe keeps it's angle relative to the plane at all photos, so it has to be ON the plane itself. Is that some kind of C-5 "livery" I missed? Or is it NOT C-5 at all?
    I'm just curious ya kno? One of my personal goals was to capture an Il-76 in it's natural habitat, but C-5 would be even better Thanks in advance
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    Has a tail band on the tail itself which is indicative of USAF.

    As for your markings, from a lighting perspective check the engine colours on left vs right (where the left is in total shadow from the fuselage). Looks to be almost direct inline with the sun height, so thin shadow from the wing/engines. And you get a pattern due to the undercarriage covers

    They also have a rounded nose bump for the front bogey since it has so many on it
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