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2011-03-28, 09:34
Hi, I have been looking at flights over Europe & have noticed that Monarch flights with callsign starting ZB are not shown, the Monarch charter flights callsign starting MON are shown ? anybody have any ideas !

2011-03-28, 09:46
Hi and welcome

The ZB are flightnumber and MON are callsign , thats a big difference
only Callsigns can be used in filter f.inst.

Have a look here

in database you can use both

Ulf Scanhorse

2011-03-28, 09:53
Many thanks for your prompt reply, excuse my Newbie ignorance. JL

2011-04-02, 10:46
Hi Some monarch flights are missing on the database but i know them.

Here are some of the missing flights: (has no log means that it doesn't say where the flight is going to and from, and when you search for it it is empty). The website on the right is where the details should be, but they are not.

ZB682 has no log. It is from MAN - ALC http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb682/
ZB683 has no log. It is from ALC - MAN http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb683/
ZB532 has no log. It is from MAN - PMI http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb532/
ZB533 has no log. It is from PMI - MAN http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb533/
ZB534 has no log. It is from MAN - PMI http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb534/
ZB535 has no log. It is from PMI - MAN http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb535/
ZB542 has no log. It is from MAN - FUE http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb542/
ZB543 has no log. It is from FUE - MAN http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb543/
ZB518 has no log. It is from MAN - BCN http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb518/
ZB519 has no log. It is from BCN - MAN http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb519/
ZB068 has no log. It is from LTN - GIB http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb068/
ZB069 has no log. It is from GIB - LTN http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb069/
ZB658 has no log. It is from MAN - AGP http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb658/
ZB659 has no log. It is from AGP - MAN http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb659/
ZB652 has no log. It is from MAN - AGP http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb652/
ZB653 has no log. It is from AGP - MAN http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb653/
ZB520 has no log. It is from MAN - AYT http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb520/
ZB521 has no log. It is from AYT - MAN http://data.flight24.com/flights/zb521/

Also, G-DIMB, G-MONB, G-MONC, G-MOND, G-MONE, G-OZBD and G-OZBJ are no longer Monarch Aircraft, but it says they are at the bottom of the screen.


2011-04-02, 16:00

Thanks for the help! I have fixed these flights and airplanes now so they are ok in the database.


2011-04-02, 21:58
Hi. Have more Monarch flights. Its not all of them, but it is a lot, so sorry for working too hard. I will see if i can do some other airlines too. There ais also an EasyJet one in there too.

PS The difference between ZB and MON is ZB is a scheduled (3 numbers) flight and MON is a charter (4 numbers).

ZB604: MAN - FUE
ZB605: FUE - MAN
ZB544: MAN - FUE
ZB545: FUE - MAN
ZB012: LTN - AGP
ZB013: AGP - LTN
ZB018: LTN - AGP
ZB019: AGP - LTN
ZB626: MAN - ACE
ZB627: ACE - MAN
ZB492: BHX - ALC
ZB402: BHX - FAO
ZB403: FAO - BHX
ZB426: BHX - LPA
ZB427: LPA - BHX
ZB228: LGW - PMI
ZB229: PMI - LGW
ZB238: LGW - ACE
ZB239: ACE - LGW
ZB235: ACE - LGW
ZB264: LGW - ALC
ZB265: ALC - LGW
MON2472: MAN - GNB
MON2473: GNB - MAN
MON4378: MAN - GNB
MON4379: GNB - MAN
ZB954: BHX - PMI
ZB955: PMI - BHX
ZB958: BHX - PMI
ZB959: PMI - BHX
ZB438: BHX - FUE
ZB439: FUE - BHX
ZB924: BHX - LEI
ZB925: LEI - BHX
ZB978: BHX - AGP
ZB979: AGP - BHX
ZB056: LTN - FAO
ZB057: FAO - LTN
ZB714: LGW - LCA
ZB715: LCA - LGW
ZB288: LGW - TFS
ZB289: TFS - LGW
ZB846: LTN - ALC
ZB847: ALC - LTN
ZB857: LCA - LTN
ZB038: LTN - MAH
ZB039: MAH - LTN
ZB698: MAN - MAH
ZB699: MAH - MAN
ZB594: MAN - FAO
ZB595: FAO - MAN
EZY7297: LPL - GIB
EZY7298: GIB - LPL

Also, a mistake on the page for G-OZBK. Missed out an O for MON for a flight to Palma

Thanks and ask me if you need more.

2011-04-03, 19:17
Also new Paphos flights, these will start operating from mid-April:

ZB634: MAN - PFO
ZB635: PFO - MAN
ZB786: LGW - PFO
ZB787: PFO - LGW
ZB946: BHX - PFO
ZB947: PFO - BHX

I am working too hard and im very sorry but keep up the excellent work.

2011-04-03, 20:16
Thank you, the flights are now in the database.

2011-04-07, 10:15
Hello. More missing flights here for database

ZB692: MAN - MAH
ZB693: MAH – MAN
ZB470: BHX - MAH
ZB471: MAH – BHX
ZB908: BHX - DLM
ZB909: DLM – BHX
ZB922: BHX - LEI
ZB923: LEI – BHX
ZB424: BHX – LPA
ZB425: LPA – BHX
ZB456: BHX - ACE
ZB457: ACE - BHX
ZB062: LTN – GIB
ZB063: GIB – LTN
ZB074: LTN - ACE
ZB075: ACE – LTN
ZB852: LTN - LCA
ZB853: LCA – LTN
ZB848: LTN - ALC
ZB849: ALC – LTN
ZB036: LTN - MAH
ZB037: MAH – LTN
ZB762: LGW - MAH
ZB763: MAH – LGW
ZB216: LGW - FAO
ZB217: FAO – LGW
ZB558: MAN – BJV (New)
ZB559: BJV – MAN (New)
ZB416: BHX – BJV (New)
ZB417: BJV – BHX (New)
ZB834: LTN – CFU (New)
ZB835: CFU – LTN (New)
ZB724: LGW – BJV (New)
ZB725: BJV – LGW (New)

MON4558: MAN - GNB
MON4559: GNB – MAN
MON4732: LGW - INN
MON4733: INN – LGW
MON2072: LGW – INN
MON2073: INN – LGW
MON6072: LGW - GNB
MON6073: GNB - LGW
MON6952: LGW - GVA
MON6953: GVA - LGW

ZB2472 & ZB2473 doesn’t say anything for G-OZBH & G-OZBR for some reason? I’m sure I gave you this flight. Must be a site error.

Any flight that ends in L or M after the number means that the flight is the number without the L or M.

LS864: MJV – MAN
LS879: MAN - ALC
LS880: ALC - MAN
LS811: MAN – GVA
LS812: GVA – MAN
LS337: MAN – CMF
LS832: PMI - MAN
LS765: MAN - FNC
LS766: FNC – MAN
LS937: MAN – PFO
LS938: PFO - MAN
LS004E/LS004F: EDI – EMA
LS853: EDI – VCE
LS854: VCE – EDI
LS173: GLA - FAO
LS174: FAO - GLA
LS177: GLA – ALC
LS178: ALC – GLA
LS179: GLA - NCE
LS180: NCE – GLA
LS189: GLA – PMI
LS190: PMI – GLA
LS257: LBA - PMI
LS258: PMI - LBA

Any flight that begins with LS on the database that does not show its routing, then it is the same route as if the route was to begin with EXS:

LS810 = EXS810 (same flight number)

HV777: AMS - LPA
HV778: LPA – AMS
HV6625: EIN - ALC
HV6626: ALC – EIN
HV6061: RTM - BCN
HV6062: BCN – RTM
HV5051: RTM - ALC
HV5052: ALC – RTM
HV5497: AMS - TSF
HV5498: TSF - AMS

I willfind even more as well and keep up the excellent work guys. :)

2011-04-09, 17:15
Hi Friend of Monarch
here is a pic of new delivery ; celebrating
April 7: Monarch Airlines have done up an Airbus A320 to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton


2011-04-09, 19:59
Hi. I have flown on this one 3 times. Nice to see yet another one in this livery. G-OZBN and G-OZBT also have it

2011-04-16, 19:27
Thank you, have updated these now.

2011-04-21, 23:59
Hi. Here are some flights for the database:

Aer Lingus
EI482: DUB - LIS
EI483: LIS - DUB

British Airways

LS809: MAN - AGP
LS810: AGP - MAN
LS857: EDI - AGP
LS858: AGP - EDI

ZB562: MAN - TFS
ZB563: TFS - MAN
ZB158: MAN - TFS
ZB159: TFS - MAN
ZB546: MAN - ACE
ZB547: ACE - MAN
ZB628: MAN - ACE
ZB629: ACE - MAN
ZB614: MAN - LPA
ZB615: LPA - MAN
ZB894: LTN - TFS
ZB895: TFS - LTN
ZB826: LTN - DLM
ZB827: DLM - LTN
ZB859: LCA - LTN
ZB218: LGW - FAO
ZB219: FAO - LGW
ZB226: LGW - PMI
ZB227: PMI - LGW
ZB144: LGW - TFS
ZB145: TFS - LGW
MON4362: MAN - SSH
MON4953: SSH - MAN
MON6382: MAN - GOI
MON6383: GOI - MAN
MON3974: MAN - HER
MON3975: HER - MAN
MON3588: MAN - CHQ
MON3589: CHQ - MAN
MON5036: MAN - DLM
MON5037: DLM - MAN
MON1618: BHX - HER
MON1619: HER - BHX
MON2490: LGW - GOI
MON2491: GOI - LGW
MON4514: LGW - BJL
MON4515: BJL - LGW
MON1472: LGW - CHQ
MON1473: CHQ - LGW
MON6946: LGW - HRG
MON6947: HRG - LGW
MON6992: LGW - GVA
MON6993: GVA - LGW
MON6416: LGW - SSH
MON6417: SSH - LGW
MON2486: LGW - INN

RYR8222: GSE - CRL


Wizz Air
WZZ4411: SOF - AGP
WZZ4412: AGP - SOF

There is also G-TOYM now for BmiBaby, but some aircraft have now gone which are G-BVKD, G-BVZG, G-BVZH, G-BVZI, G-BVZJ, G-OGBE, G-TOYA, G-TOYB and G-TOYC.

also There is now G-LSAM for Jet2 as well, but like BmiBaby some have gone which are TF-ELO, G-CEXJ and G-CEXK. G-GDFD is also due very soon as well.

Hey, do you want any pictures of any monarch aircraft? LN-NOB looks good for Norwegian Air Shuttle so i will send them to you if you would like.


2011-05-03, 21:45
Virgin Atlantic


2011-05-04, 18:09
Have fixed those now.

You can find more information about pictures here:

2011-05-08, 13:22
Monarch flight for the database


2011-05-08, 13:26
Please new threads for new routes and aircraft.

2011-06-07, 19:24
Monarch Airlines has boosted its scheduled flight offering for next year with new services to Turkey and the introduction of summer flights to Egypt.

The airline's summer 2012 schedule will operate two flights a week from Gatwick to Antalya, up to 11 flights a week from Gatwick to Dalaman, three flights a week from Gatwick to Sharm el Sheikh, up to seven flights a week from Manchester to Dalaman and two flights a week from Manchester to Sharm el Sheikh.


Monarch unveils 2012 timetable with new scheduled services

http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/Articles/2011/06/07/37314/monarch+unveils+2012+timetable+with+new+scheduled+ services.html

2011-06-07, 19:47
I can get these flight numbers. Would you like me to post them now or later in the year?

2011-06-07, 19:59
REMEMBER , NB , and OBS our new posting rules


2011-06-07, 20:20
I think Albin be happy
but wouldnt you think its a little bit early ?
gets confused if we dont pass summer 2011 ??

2011-06-08, 07:03
Indeed, as scanhorse says it's a bit to early for summer 2012.

2011-06-08, 19:03
Evening all,i think i can be of help to this section and add flights to and from Manchester UK esspecially Monarch charter MON and Scheduled ZB flights as i have the summer timetable for the airport,i will have a look through my booklet and post flights on here to be added to the database

2011-06-08, 21:24
please could you add the following flights to the database

Monarch Scheduled

ZB506 Manchester to Ibiza

ZB632 Manchester to Paphos

Thomas Cook

TCX316 Manchester to Calgary
TCX317 Calgary to Manchester

TCX252 manchester to Vancouver
TCX253 Vancouver to Manchester

TCX892 Manchester to Vancouver
TCX893 Vancouver to Manchester


TOM388 Manchester to Marrakech
TOM389 Marracech to Manchester


LS833 Manchester to Nice
LS834 Nice to Manchester

LS888 Prague to Manchester


EZY1879 Manchester to Bilbao NEW (think this flight starts on the 14th June)
EZY1880 Bilbao to Manchester

EZY1965 Manchester to Bastia
EZY1966 Bastia to Manchester

EZY1977 Manchester to Corfu

EZY1937 Manchester to Heraklion

EZY1912 Palma to Manchester

EZY1961 Manchester to Mahon
EZY1962 Mahon to Manchester

EZY1964 Mahon to Manchester


PC495 Ercan to Manchester
PC496 Manchester to Ercan

Very much appreciated

2011-06-08, 21:35
Wrong posted Carl , I am sorry
look at my remark below/above how it should be done
and look at the thread ;
for routes ;




I am going to take this away in some days :)

P.s thanks for trying to help :)